I have made a series of short screencasts which take you through some of the basic ideas in Catholic Christianity. Each video has some key questions underneath top help you absorb the material.

Please note: I am not an expert and happily stand corrected if anything is out of place or in error. Please get in touch if you have anything to add. Many thanks for graciousness. I hope that this is useful.

All of the material on this page relates to big Catholic Christianity infographic found here.

Video 1: Brief Introduction to Catholic Christian Beliefs and Practices

  1. What is a denomination?

  2. What are the four coloured areas of this part of the course?

  3. What is the link between Sources of Wisdom/Authority and the 7 (Red) key beliefs?

  4. How might a belief (red) link with a practice (purple)?

  5. What is prayer?

  6. What is a doctrine?

  7. List three of the yellow bits. 

  8. Why is green not a creative colour?

Video 2: The Trinity

  1. What always influences practice? Explain it in your own words. 

  2. How many sets of beliefs are we covering? 

  3. Can you draw the ancient Celtic symbol of the Trinity?

  4. Is it more accurate to say WHAT is the Trinity or WHO is the Trinity?

  5. Is the Holy Spirit a HE or an IT? Why?

  6. What is monotheism?

  7. What is the big tension between Muslims and Christians over the Trinity?

  8. What is that memorable impossible sum? 

  9. What does doubting Thomas say to Jesus? 

Video 3: The Trinity in the Bible

  1. If you did a search for the term ‘Trinity’ in an online Bible - how many results would you get?

  2. Give two stories in the New Testament that reinforce the idea of the Trinity. Where are they?

  3. Why is the Baptism of Jesus so significant for Christian believers?

  4. What is the ‘great commission’? Where is it?

  5. What is the link between becoming a new Christian and the Trinity?

  6. Baptised - encased - engulfed - soaked - these are all words that are used to describe what in the video?

Video 4: The Trinity and how this belief influences behaviour

  1. God the Father has what in his hands? How might someone respond to him as a result? 

  2. God the Son unlocked which blockage? Why is the unlocking a cause for joy? 

  3. In what way might Jesus be a boyfriend to a believer?

  4. The Holy Spirit is described as what? 

  5. How is the Holy Spirit similar to a phone charger? 

  6. If someone has the Holy Spirit in their life - what would you expect to see?

Video 5 - The Trinity, Doctrine and Nicene Creed

  1. How did we get the idea of the Trinity being important?

  2. List those highlighted words - it might help answer q1. 

  3. What are the two events we are using to demonstrate the Trinity in the New Testament? 

  4. Give another term for a doctrine. 

  5. In what way might a doctrine be like a diamond that someone has found?

  6. Name a heresy and a heretic. Which year?

  7. What was the name of the defence that was created to defend against heresies in the 4th century? Which Bishop was involved?

  8. Are there any other creeds?

  9. How short is the excerpt of the Nicene Creed compared to the full version? (you will need to look this up)

  10. List the fancy terms we cover together and briefly say what they mean. 

  11. What is your favourite biscuit?

Video 6 - Creation v Science tensions

Video 7 - Creation in Genesis 1

Video 8 - Creation Genesis 2

 Video 9 - Imago Dei - made in the image

Video 10 - Dominion and Stewardship

 Video 11 - Creation in John 1 - The Word

Video 12 - Incarnation

Video 13 - The Paschal Mystery

Video 14 - Eschatology

Video 15 - The Sacramental Nature of Reality

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