This section of the website has been re-constructed with my own students in mind. We are studying Units 1 and 8 with an emphasis on Christianity and Islam. Other variations are possible, but this is the one we are following. 

If you are a student or teacher using this page then please give me feedback by contacting me here. If I can improve this in any way I would like your help in doing so. 

(Updated 18/1/17)


Believing in God

Matters of life and death

Marriage and the family

Religion and Community Cohesion


Religion: rights and responsibilities

Religion: environmental and medical issues

Religion: peace and conflict

Religion: crime and punishment

Exam technique

Here are links to some awesome videos for answering the different questions:

Many thanks to Dawn Cox for her input and support.

Examiner tips on answering the different questions. 

Want to try some actual questions?

Go to the unit links at the top of this page and scroll down - I have added tons of them to the end of each section.

The course specification booklet

Sample marking guidance materials. 

Learning keywords

I put together an illustrated keywords booklet to help with learning the meanings of these. 

Keywords spin quizzes - part 1 (words without definitions) and part 2 (definitions without words).

Other assorted bits and bobs

5 factors that influence the 'north' of our moral compass: upbringing, leaders/authorities, conscience, reason, scripture.

An online Bible.