Examiner advice tips for different questions.

B questions

  • the easiest way to develop a reason: give an example or a quote
  • each reason must be developed
  • the reasons you give in B questions do not have to be religious 
  • development must add more information, it must not be vague
  • read the question carefully
  • new reason - new line
  • you can cross-refer using different topic areas
  • an example from a film is a good way of developing a reason
  • some B questions do not need a religious response
  • B questions only need one point of view
  • if it is about the Islamic worldview, a reference from the Qur’an is a good way to develop a reason
  • even if you are commenting on what a Muslim or a Christian should be doing, make sure you start with “I think..”

C questions

  • start each of the reasons on a new line
  • read the question carefully - does it ask for reasons (why) or description (what)?
  • many questions are based on the wording of the specification. Make sure you know what words the exam board uses.
  • underline key words in the question. This helps you to understand what they are asking
  • develop reasons by giving an example or quote
  • some questions don’t ask ‘why’ but still need reasons - read it carefully
  • if the question starts with “Explain how…” then you need to give descriptions of the ways rather than reasons why. 
  • in media questions make sure you name the programme or film you are using
  • you need to give for and against reasons - don’t give a one-sided argument.
  • you could give four Bible quotes as your answer
  • "Explain why…" - give reasons.
  • Be specific wherever possible to give your answer an edge.

D questions

  • make sure you start your answer to part i) with ‘I think…’
  • these questions should always start with your opinion
  • the easiest way to answer each part should be to write three brief reasons
  • repeating the question at the beginning of your answer might help you remember what you agree or disagree with. 
  • start each of the reasons on a new line or with a new paragraph
  • it is easy to develop a reason by giving a quote e.g. a Bible reference
  • read the quote carefully before you decide what your point of view is going to be.
  • If you can’t think of three reasons then write two and develop each one. 
  • writing lots of detail about happens in a programme will not gain you extra marks - avoid being tempted to do this
  • if you can’t think of opposite reasons then try to imagine what it would be like if someone was having an argument with you.
  • depending on how you read the stimulus quote in this question it could be saying a lot of different things - read it carefully and decide which way you are going to take it.
  • if you are being asked to refer to a religion other than Christianity, you have to do so if you hope to get more than 3 marks.