I have made a series of short screencasts which take you through some of the basic ideas in Islam. Each video has some key questions underneath top help you absorb the material.

Please note: I am not an expert and happily stand corrected if anything is out of place or in error. Please get in touch if you have anything to add. Many thanks for graciousness. I hope that this is useful.

All of the material on this page relates to big Islam infographic found here.

Video 1: Intro to Islam - teachings, beliefs and practices.

  1. What are the two (coloured) main splits on the diagram?

  2. What is the name of the Muslim God? Which language is this?

  3. What is the name of Muslim holy book?

  4. How many chapters are there in it? 

  5. What are the chapters called?

  6. What is the important connection between beliefs and practices?

Video 2: Revelation in Islam - more details - Angels, prophets and books.

  1. Give some of the characteristics of the Muslim God. Explain what each one means. 

  2. How do any of those qualities affect daily life?

  3. How many Angels are mentioned in our syllabus? Which Angel is tasked with bringing God’s revelation to humanity?

  4. What does Revelation mean?

  5. How many Bible characters appear in Islam (according this diagram)? 

  6. What differences are there between Christian and Muslim understandings of those Bible characters?

  7. There are four holy books (other than the Qur’an) mentioned here. How are they different to the Qur’an?

  8. How important is the Qur’an? 

  9. What is the Hadith? How important is it compared the Qur’an?

  10. Which century did the Prophet Muhammad live in?

  11. What are the main shared practices among all Muslims?

  12. How do beliefs link to practices? Be specific. 

Video 3: Shia and Sunni basic differences

  1. Shi’a and Sunni Islam - how do you remember that one group has 5 roots and the other has 6 beliefs?

  2. How does the offer of fresh breath help us remember these two sets of beliefs?

  3. Each of the 5 roots - list them and say how believing those things might influence the way you live. 

  4. How is Tawhid something that would reject the Christian believe in the Trinity?

  5. Which ideas link between the 5 roots/6 Beliefs? Which ones don’t?

  6. The main difference between Shi’a and Sunni beliefs splits even further... how? 

Video 4: Angels in Islam

  1. Name the four Angels mentioned here and explain what their key roles are. 

  2. Is there a cool word you can use to remember several key characteristics for Angels in Islam?

  3. Are there any ways that belief in Angels might influence the way a Muslim community lives on a day to day basis?

Video 5: RiSalah brief overview of the channel of communication.

  1. What is the simple sentence you can use to remember what RiSalah is?

  2. Rearrange the seven letters into the chronological order and appearance of those prophets in history. 

  3. How does this list of names highlight some key differences between Christian and Muslim thinking?

  4. How important is RiSalah as a believer for everyday Muslim practice?

Video 6: the characteristics (or names) of Allah

  1. How many names are given to Allah?

  2. What are the four names listed on the big diagram?

  3. Why is it a big ‘no no’ to represent Allah in picture form?

  4. Why would a Muslim find the Christian belief of the Incarnation an offensive thing?

  5. What does Revelation mean and how does it fit with the Muslim worldview?

  6. ‘Dikhr’ and ‘Subha’ are part of a meditation process for Muslims - what are they?

  7. Give another word for the term worship.

  8. Explain how we reflect what we worship. 

  9. How would the 99 names of Allah influence the way a Muslim behaves?

  10. Explain what monotheism is and how it is connected to Tawhid.

  11. Why are the ideas Transcendence and Immanence good to look at together? 

  12. What raw materials did Allah need to make the universe? Explain why.

  13. In ways might Allah be kind to his creation?

  14. ‘Merciful’ is a quality that is often used to describe Allah - what does it mean to the everyday Muslim believer?

  15. Is it impossible to know who Allah is? What are the forms and against of this discussion?

Video 7 - differences and similarities between 5 Roots and 6 Beliefs

I needed to go back over the differences and similarities between the Shi’a and Sunni traditions.

  1. What are the similarities?

  2. What are the key differences?

  3. How do each of the beliefs influence or affect daily practice?

Video 8 - Al-Qadr

More soon. I will update this page via Twitter.