Miracles in John's Gospel: tasters of something bigger

There are nine miracles listed in John's Gospel.

  1. The incarnation¹ (God became flesh)
  2. Water into wine at a wedding feast
  3.  - 
  4. Jesus heals the official's son
  5. A disabled man is healed at a pool
  6. Jesus feeds 5,000 people and walks on water
  7. -  
  8. A man born blind sees
  9. A friend of Jesus called Lazarus is raised
  10. -  
  11. Jesus is raised from the dead
  12. There is a miraculous catch of fish

¹The Incarnation isn't a miracle, but it does explain why the miracles are possible. 

A miracle in John's Gospel is a taster of something bigger.

e.g. Jesus feeds 5,000 people and then says "I am the Bread of Life".

He is giving a taster of Bread for this life, and then pointing to a bigger feeding for the future in the afterlife.

e.g. Jesus gives a Blind man sight and then says "I am the light of the world".


He gives Iight for this life as a taster for a future, bigger sight in heaven for eternity.

e.g. Jesus raises Lazarus and says "I am the Resurrection and the life"

He catches hold of someone who has passed beyond this life to demonstrate that he can do it for all of us. 

Miracles function as tasters of something bigger.


Here is another way to think of miracles. They are like a trailer for a much better movie (yes I know - lots of movie trailers tend to be better than the actual movie!). 

PS I am hoping that this trailer and this trailer aren't as good as the final thing. At the moment they bring me to tears. If the actual movie is better I shall probably need to take a seat belt into the cinema. Please don't muck it up JJ Abrams.