The Life of Jesus

The Simple Bit

Here is a really handy way of remembering the main events of the life of Jesus Christ. 

1. This code:

2. and this shape:

3. in this formation:

What you have is a kind of skeleton structure. It is useful because it gives an overview. 

More advanced: putting flesh on the skeleton

From here it is good to read through one or more of the four Gospels found in the new testament and begin to 'pin' elements of what you find to the 8.30 PMT DBRA structure. Reading more than one of the accounts is a great idea because although they are all records of the life of Jesus they are also quite different. The diversity of having several viewpoints should be a more meaningful experience.

Here are some online links to help get things started: 

Lots of people have inherited ideas about Jesus. Maybe because Britain has a long Christian heritage people often think that they know all about him, but it is very interesting to see what happens when those ideas are challenged by an honest reading of the Gospels.  

For reflection:

After a read-through of one (or more) of the Gospels what were the puzzling, surprising or reassuring parts? What did you not like? Was it boring? 

Does your reading contrast with what you know about modern-day Christianity, or is there a gap?