Three views of death

To make this more memorable, each of these three views of death are linked by droplets of water.

1. Atheism

"These moments will be lost like tears in rain." (Roy from the film Blade Runner)

This is an interview with an old mate who candidly speaks about his belief that once death comes it is final. Many thanks to the Tobinator.

2. Pantheism

"Eventually every drop returns to the ocean." (Amrik Singh - former Sikh Chaplain at Heathrow Airport - play from 3m 45 to get the idea)

3. Theism

"I know that Jesus will return to restore things." (Lou - a sight-impaired Christian - watch the first 2 minutes).

"He will wipe every tear from their eyes." (Revelation 21v4)


At the request of some of my students, I interviewed Lou via Skype and probed the issue of why God heals some and not others. Here is the interview: 

For reflection:

  • Is it ever convenient to believe something about death?
  • Are there any implications for any of the above views?
  • How open-minded do you think we are when it comes to deciding about death?