Worldviews Ninja Skills...

Consider following this path:

No Basics Expressed

  • take off that box and begin to think clearly
  • too many people are wrapped up in themselves - get a look at the landscape dudes!

The Basics

  • start to reflect on what you think about the big questions 
  • even if you aren't sure (it's called being an Agnostic) that is still a good start

Saying Why

  • don't just say what you think - say why you think it!
  • don't have or can't think why you have those beliefs? Well done - you are growing in your search - seek those reasons. It's hard work but valuable territory.

Comparing, contrasting, explaining

  • don't be happy with simply giving us a quick answer - dig deep!
  • start thinking about different, alternative view points and seeing your own view from the other person's perspective - you might find it a shock

Engaging with Real World Complexity 

  • stereotypes are when you reduce people and groups down to dumb simple lumps - reject this!
  • take a good look at real life and ask why people do what they do: it is often complicated
  • ask yourself whether you might have got something wrong in your understanding of the way things work
  • learn to pause and observe before coming to any judgements or conclusions - who knows what else there is out there to surprise you...

The Outside Brought In

  • what could possibly be better than an adventurer bringing back their delicious treasures?
  • if you've spent time looking into and gathering fresh insights on real people and cultures, then you have something unique to share with the rest of us! 
  • the things you share will directly change the way others think about the world - give us the goodness!

For reflection:

Where are you on the Arc? Have you grown in maturity?

The modern world is an exciting place to explore. What are you waiting for?