New Religious Studies GCSE

To start teaching in September 2017. 

(Visitors to this website - please note that this information has been tailored for students at Durrington High School - other schools may well opt for other arrangements within this course)

Qualification: GCSE 

Examination Board: AQA

Specification: Religious Studies A (8062 - route A)

What will you be learning?

Beliefs, teachings and practices of two world religions: 

  • Christianity 
  • Islam

Four thematic studies based around: 

  • Relationships and families
  • The existence of God and revelation
  • Religion, peace and conflict
  • Religion, crime and punishment


  • 2 written exams of 1 hour and 45 minutes each

The GCSE will be graded on a nine point scale (1-9) where 9 is the best grade. 

What happens when you have finished?

  • Religious Studies GCSE prepares you for AS/A2 level in a variety of course including Religious Studies, Philosophy and Ethics, Law, English and Sociology.
  • It will also prepare you for travelling the world and working with diverse cultures. You will be given an opportunity to think deeply about why people with different worldviews hold such diverse views.