Popular Culture Chat #2

In this episode we discuss Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs, animation in general, Studio Ghibli, Hamilton Mattress, picture quality (and whether a filmmaker should care about this above story telling) and a few other bits and bobs. Thanks to the (now) usual crew for participating - we hope you enjoy it. 

Popular Culture Chat #1

In this pilot (!) episode - recorded just before we hit the Easter holiday break - I was joined by Zane, Arthur and Jack to discuss the place of popular culture in our lives and a few personal media recommendations. Although this discussion might not set the world on fire with incredible insights, it was terrific fun and we laughed quite a bit recording it. I hope you enjoy it even a little bit as much as we did. 

Breaking The Cycle

Dan and Glenn visited from www.breakingthecycle.co.uk to share with our students about how liberating forgiveness can be in someone's life. Both men had emotive stories about disability and debilitation. In each case their choice to practice forgiveness and deal with underlying bitterness was powerful to hear. 

Just Different

Alison from www.justdifferent.org visited Chatsmore this week and gave a very power presentation about how we need to move beyond labels about disability. She is an inspirational figure who has successfully fought against the limits imposed on her by the thalidomide drug as an unborn child. 

Supporting Detained Immigrants

Anne and Angie visited Chatsmore this week and spoke about their involvement with detained immigrants at the two Gatwick detention centres. There is a lot I find disturbing about how the Home Office has been treating these people. It was a privilege to talk with these women and get some common sense tips for building empathy for other people. 

5 Incredible Days Visiting Iceland

Dave spoke to me about his time recently in Iceland for his 25th wedding anniversary. Trolls, Glaciers, Lava Tunnels go hand in hand with bizarrely lax health and safety standards.