Post-Cancer Perspective Change

I had the privilege of interviewing one of my colleagues about her shock experience of having bowel cancer 6 years ago, and how life after it changed her outlook. Thankyou Rachel for sharing your story. 

Worldview Responses

Some of my younger students did a homework this week where they gathered responses to the four worldviews questions. In this short recording they read out what they thought were some of the more interesting answers given. Thanks to all who took part. 

What does it mean to be a Headteacher in a Catholic High School?

Pete Byrne was formally inducted as Headteacher at CCHS this evening. I got the chance to speak with him and his wife about what it means to them to support this important role. Half way through we also met Bishop Richard Moth who also gave his insights. I finished by asking him about a very special object that he was carrying. 

Breaking The Cycle

Dan and Glenn visited from to share with our students about how liberating forgiveness can be in someone's life. Both men had emotive stories about disability and debilitation. In each case their choice to practice forgiveness and deal with underlying bitterness was powerful to hear. 

Just Different

Alison from visited Chatsmore this week and gave a very power presentation about how we need to move beyond labels about disability. She is an inspirational figure who has successfully fought against the limits imposed on her by the thalidomide drug as an unborn child. 

Supporting Detained Immigrants

Anne and Angie visited Chatsmore this week and spoke about their involvement with detained immigrants at the two Gatwick detention centres. There is a lot I find disturbing about how the Home Office has been treating these people. It was a privilege to talk with these women and get some common sense tips for building empathy for other people. 

5 Incredible Days Visiting Iceland

Dave spoke to me about his time recently in Iceland for his 25th wedding anniversary. Trolls, Glaciers, Lava Tunnels go hand in hand with bizarrely lax health and safety standards.