Religion: peace and conflict 

To have successfully revised for this topic you need to know the following:

  • The United Nations and world peace including one example of their work for peace. 
  • How religious organisations try to promote world peace. 
  • Why wars occur, using examples from current conflicts. 
  • The nature and importance of the theory of just war. 
  • Differences among Christians in their attitudes to war and the reasons for them. 
  • Attitudes to war of one religion other than Christianity and the reasons for them. 
  • Christian attitudes to bullying and the reasons for them. 
  • Attitudes to bullying in one religion other than Christianity and the reasons for them. 
  • Religious conflicts within families. 
  • Christian teachings on forgiveness and reconciliation. 
  • The teachings on forgiveness and reconciliation of one religion other than Christianity.

Required keywords:

  • aggression     
  • bullying      
  • conflict resolution
  • exploitation
  • forgiveness
  • just war
  • pacifism
  • reconciliation
  • respect
  • the United Nations
  • weapons of mass destruction
  • world peace

Take a definitions spin quiz:

B questions

Give two reasons for your opinion

  • Do you think it is good that the UN has a peacekeeping force?
  • Do you think all Christians should join organisations to work for world peace?
  • Do you think wars are always bad?
  • Do you think the just war theory works?
  • Do you think Christians should fight in wars?
  • Do you think it is possible to have a holy war?
  • Do you think bullying is wrong?
  • Do you think Muslims should work to end bullying in schools?
  • Do you think religion should cause conflict in families?
  • Do you think Christians/Muslims should always forgive?

C questions

  • Explain different attitudes in Christianity to war and why they are different.
  • Explain how the United Nations work for world peace including at least one example of their work.
  • Explain how a religious organisation works for peace.
  • Explain why one current conflict has been caused.
  • Explain why some people think the just war theory is important.
  • Explain why some Christians might agree with war and some do not.
  • Explain why some Muslims accept just war.
  • Explain why bullying is not acceptable to Christians.
  • Explain why Muslims are against bullying.
  • Explain why religion may cause conflict in families.
  • Explain why Christians think forgiveness is important. 
  • Explain Muslim teachings on forgiveness.

D questions

  • “All wars are caused by religion”
  • “Religious believers should always forgive those who do wrong against them."
  • “Religious people should not support war”
  • “Religious people should do more to promote justice in the world”
  • "If the UN worked properly there would be no wars."
  • "All religious people should work for peace."
  • "Sometimes war cannot be avoided."
  • "There can never be a just war."
  • "War is not good for the world."
  • "War must be carried out as a last resort."
  • "All Christians must work to remove bullying from society."
  • "Muslims must always speak out against bullies."
  • "Religious families should not argue."

In your answer you should refer to at least one religion.
(i) Do you agree? Give reasons for your opinion.(3)
(ii) Give reasons why some people may disagree with you.(3)