To Ashes

In May 2015 I was given an unforgettable behind-the-scenes opportunity to see the cremation process. Although this video deals with sensitive material it was approved by Worthing crematorium

Amrik Singh - Sikhism

A few years ago I had the opportunity to take some students to meet the Sikh Chaplain at Heathrow Airport.

Brinder Kaur Martin - Humanism

Brinder Kaur Martin is a good friend of mine with an interesting worldview that combines a Sikh background with Humanism. Prior to this conversation I had assumed that Humanism was primarily an Atheist perspective. Thankfully I was put right on this.

Land Rights Activists

This was a fascinating and challenging experience. I visited my friend Dean Puckett at this Eco-village in Kew around six weeks into his stay. We spent some time talking with the residents and exploring why they had chosen to step out of 'normal' society. This is merely a taster - Dean lived there for over a year. His full (award-winning) documentary can be found here

Jenny Edge - Nichiren Daishonen Buddhism

I was given the opportunity to spend some time with Nichiren Daishonen Buddhists in West Sussex. They were very helpful in giving me some insight into their chanting practice. POSTSCRIPT: those who assisted me in the making of this video wanted to stress that they do not speak on the behalf of SGI. They also felt that the chanting didn't properly represent how outwardly focused their practice is. They were keen to express that Nichiren Daishonen Buddhism is not primarily about inward chanting - it is about releasing this potential in the lives of others around the wider community/society.

Mark Meynell - Christian

Mark Meynell discusses a shift in western culture that is highly corrosive and why his Christian beliefs help him to cope. Apologies for how jumpy the editing is. 

Chithurst Forest Monks - Theravadan Buddism

A few years ago I visited the Chithurst monastery and had a terrific time exploring Buddhist notions of reality. 

Peter Reynolds - the ethics of using (and taking) photographs

My mate Peter Reynolds visited Auschwitz with the Holocaust Educational Trust last year. These are his valuable reflections on the responsibility that comes with taking photographs.

Lou Hill - a partially sighted Christian

Most people take their sight for granted. Sight impaired and blind people have a completely different experience of the world around them. This short film explores something of their experience by playing a practice match with the Brighton and Hove City Goalball Team at Lewes Leisure Centre in 2008. Thanks to the team for such a warm welcome and an amazing experience.

Religion includes shopping, GTA and Joss Whedon

I had a superb conversation with Ted Turnau (an American author and lecturer currently living in the Czech Republic) about how the definition of Religion can be broadened to include popular culture. We talk about GTA, shopping and Joss Whedon. Ted brings a lot of sensitivity and insight to this discussion. It is a terrific interview (thankyou Ted for your valuable time).