Year 8 Politics Revision 

Okay folks I have put this little page together to help you learn those 28 details from our lessons. 


Didn't remember any details? Check some of the detail using the 28:

  1. Politics is slow but relevant (eg Crossy Road vs BBC Parliament)
  2. Dictatorship takes away peoples voices (eg Peter the Great)
  3. Delayed gratification is when you wait for something better (eg vote or engage in politics)
  4. Government is structured along local and national (central) lines. 
  5. There is a central government (voted MPs) and local government (councillors). 
  6. Elections are focused on a ballot box where people choose. 
  7. Our political system of voting is called Representative Democracy. 
  8. There are political parties (Tory, Labour, UKIP, LibDems) and Independents.
  9. Local government decides things like: housing, transport and social services. 
  10. Central (national) government decides things like health, defence and environment. 
  11. Local government fits into single (unitary) or two-tiers. Tiers: layers. 
  12. The London Mayor is way more powerful than a pirate. 32 Boroughs and the City. 
  13. There are 13 Wards.
  14. We met James Doyle who is a local councillor.  
  15. There are 37 local councillors. 
  16. They spend between 20 and 30 hours a week doing voluntary work. 
  17. My details about local government:
  18. The ward I live in is
  19. My local councillors are
  20. They belong to these parties
  21. My MP is
  22. My MP is a member of this party
  23. My constituency (or political seat) is 
  24. Voting in Sussex since 1885 has been predominately Conservative.
  25. Laws are made by a looooong sloooooooooow process.
  26. The House of Commons is very important for forming new laws.
  27. The House of Lords votes on what the Commons have agreed on.
  28. The Queen finally agrees on the process to make laws final. 

You need to know these to be successful in your test.